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Need help with syntax examples for vfs.dir.count

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    Need help with syntax examples for vfs.dir.count

    trying to write a simple item to check a directory to see how many .xml files are in and everything I try gives me a 0 result.
    vfs.dir.count[E:\CloudData\RelayCallbackProcessor\LogProcessor\L ogFiles_1,regex_incl,(?i)^.+\.xml$]
    is what I have tried and it returns 0 even though there are files in the directory. When I have gotten a result it counts all files and folders in the directory, which I don't want and the [Max_depth] does not return a value.

    Amy help is appreciated!

    Isn't it a mistake to specify "regex_incl" in the argument? If you want to count the number of xml files, you can specify a regular expression that matches the xml file in place of "regex_incl".