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Too Many Processes - Fresh / New Installation

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    Too Many Processes - Fresh / New Installation

    Hello and thank you for the use of your product.

    I have just installed fresh Zabbix 4.0.12 (revision fb4010108b)

    Upon final configuration and logging in I immediately get a "Problem" that states Too many processes on Zabbix server

    I don't see way to identify those processes or how to resolve.

    See attached images.

    Thank you.
    Problem Error Graph View

    You need to look into the definitions of these triggers and understand why they fired.


      This means that many processes are running on the server, so you can use the ps command to see how many processes are running. Depending on the environment and settings being used, the default template thresholds may not be appropriate.
      Check if unnecessary processes are running with the ps command. If there is no problem, adjust the template threshold according to your environment.


        If you're on a systemd-based linux os (RHEL7 to name one), the thresholds in zabbix are far too low by default. The default is 300 or so, but it's not uncommon to see even thousands if you're on a large multi-user system.