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maintenance + single component + alerts

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    maintenance + single component + alerts

    I'll try to explain what I want to accomplish.
    I'm monitoring my external firewall and his VPN tunnels (site-to-site, always on) towards multiple users via SNMP.
    There are working triggers that create a problem when one of tunnels goes down, and I have action that send email alerts and this part is ok and working.
    Over the weekend one of my users says that he will perform maintenance on his side and that vpn will go down for some period of time.
    I wanna have this at the end:

    a) when this VPN tunnel goes down (that is announced by user), I don't want to receive email alerts for this problem when during maintenance period
    b) I want to receive email alerts for all other VPN tunnels of other customers in same period of time.


    - I have 30+ vpn tunnels active to users
    - tunnels are auto-discovered and their names all have same prefix: Tunnel1-Loc1-v2-xx-1 or xx-2 where XX represents user number 1-99
    - User that have announced maintenance is assigned to tunnels: Tunnel1-Loc1-v2-27-1 & Tunnel1-Loc1-v2-27-2
    - All other users have different XX part in tunnel names
    - For user that goes to maintenance I don't wish to receive email 'Tunnel Down _______" during that time
    - For all other users I want to receive email alert that their tunnel went down no matter of maintenance period for user 27..

    All VPN tunnels are monitored on single device and those items are placed in single application and only one trigger is assigned to this application which monitors state of VPN tunnel and report changes.

    I've tried to add No Data Collection to Maintenance but then I don't receive email alert for any tunnels at all.

    I hope I did explain what's bothering me lately...
    Thank you all.


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