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Zabbix retrieving wrong result

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    Zabbix retrieving wrong result

    Hello everyone.

    I create one in Host and call this script for test using Zabbix_Get in my Zabbix Server, but result it's really different and wrong.
    Someone can help me to solve it?
    I tried a lot of changes and nothing changes. Before I create this script .sh I tried to use this check using 'UserParameters' but in the Zabbix_Get result always empty.

    Follow the configurations:

    Call from zabbix server is:

    zabbix_get -s IP_HOST -k pass.expire[operador]
    In the host the sh call return OK or a message, the command is:

    /bin/sh /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agent2.d/ operador
    The expected result is message "OK" or when I have a problem message is: 'The password will expire in X days' the 'X' is a variable that I got from .sh script. When I call that script from zabbix Server I receving the message:

    "The password will expire in 0 days"

    But when I call that script in host the message is "OK".

    When I tried to use 'UserParameters' the problem is similar, for example:

    Zabbix Server call:

    zabbix_get -s -k pass.expire[operador]
    The result is always empty/blank.

    In the host when I call the result is the days until passexpire using command:

    getent shadow "USER" |cut -d: -f5
    UserParameter configuration:

    UserParameter=pass.expire[*],getent shadow "$1" |cut -d: -f5
    Someone know what I'm doing wrong? others UsersParameters works well.


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