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Manually run history sync to build trends

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    Manually run history sync to build trends

    Hi to all!

    Is it possible to run, easier as it possible, rebuild trends tables from exist history tables?

    My case, in short, is like that:

    Got disaster in original Zabbix-server storage ->
    Restored Zabbix-server to very slow storage ->
    Start to get every hour messages about "Zabbix-agent not available on host {HOST_NAME}" ->
    Find that getting gaps in history (that why triggers is trigged) every hour ->
    Find that problem is with DB speed on currents storage originally because having 1 file(ibdata1, size ~100GB) for the whole DB (legacy) ->
    Start to kill history sync process that locks DB with disabling housekeep for keeping history ->
    Now solved the problem with the storage(faster storage but lower than before) need to fill gaps in trends by using existing data from history.

    After that will dump-restore database to mode "own file for single table"

    My Zabbix is:
    zabbix_server (Zabbix) 3.0.13
    Revision 74336 7 November 2017, compilation time: Nov 23 2017 16:56:31

    Used forum search before if duplicating, please give a link to the solution.
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