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Organisation of an infrastructure (zabbix concepts)

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    Organisation of an infrastructure (zabbix concepts)


    I've started to monitor different (per host unique) items on different hosts with the zabbix agent to become familiar with zabbix. So far so good - easy job.

    In a next step I've started to monitor some Tomcat values on a host. I added a jmx connection (incl. java gateway settings) and after some small stumbling blocks I've got it.

    My problems began when I looked at the graph for the application. The graph is titled with hostname / item values. What I've expected was that it would be also titled with the application (name) I've created.

    Why? Because how can I differ similiar services on the same host. In my case multiple Tomcats on the same host.

    Well, for a test I've added a second jmx connection to the other tomcat on the same host. My assumption was to only create another application, add the same items to that application but select the correct jmx port in the item -> Nope! Zabbix stated that I can NOT add the same key value to the same host, also I've selected the other jmx port.

    Now I am totally confused how I should organize this (I think not unusual) scenario in Zabbix.

    Any hints or (reading material) recommendations to enlight me?

    Regards & thanks for reading

    Just for note... I've decided to create a seperate host for each tomcat. Maybe that's not the smartest solution but it's suitable enough for my purposes.


      Yea. It is hard to get away from the internal concept of host -> item -> graph in zabbix. There are even things like active agents and ACLs from one proxy etc that make it really tough. I have always stuck with it because it makes it easier to understand when being consistent. You might use discovery to generate different instances of tomcat on one host. I would probably start there and see where you end up.
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        It is possible to have for example application name in graphs. Not straight but ..
        Graph title is with some additional part when it is generated by LLD so it is possible to use single element json strong echoed over[] to populate some graphs which will have in the name (and title) some additional part.
        However, adding such thing like business application name to the base JVM monitoring IMO does not make to much sense because such template provides not business application state but .. JVM state on top of which may be running in single JVM more than one java app

        To generate tomcat or jboss application set of metris (again) it is possible to use LLD but this time hosts prototypes which will stamp per jboss/tomcat set of additional metrics. It is of course possible to use LLD without host prototype using straight prototype item, triggers, graphs and web checks.

        So it is not so hard ..
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