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    Here is something I can really use, I created a improvement in JIRA for this but apparently this is a better place to post feature requests.

    It would be nice to allow nesting of groups. This means that groups can be part of other groups.


    Group A contains group1 and group2
    group1 contains host1 and host2
    gropu2 contains host3 and host4

    In the overview you can choose between these groups, meaning the 4 hosts or just 2 of them.

    This can be useful if you have a lot of hosts and want to order them a bit.

    Greetings Johan

    As far as I know, host groups cannot contain other host groups.

    But one host can be member of many host groups.

    So you can "emulate" the behaviour you described but it requires a bit more work and is not as flexible/clean (you would have to add host1 to group1 and groupA...).


      How would you implement permission schema for the nesting groups?
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        I see 2 possibilities:

        If you have permission to all the sub-groups, you can see the group containing the different groups.


        Just see the group containing the other groups as a normal group where you can put permission on.

        Maybe this can not just be called group, but group-container (or something like that). This group-container can only contain groups, thus no hosts. Which will make the handling a bit more easier.


          search for "nested" in
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