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Happy 10th anniversary, Zabbix!

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    Happy 10th anniversary, Zabbix!

    Alexei and team... congrats on 10 years, and may you see many more years providing the product and support that so many of us rely on.

    Every now and then I like to take the time to write a note about the successes that we have made with Zabbix, and this seems like an appropriate time.

    A lot of time the help forums are (understandably) filled with issues, problems and frustrations. There is a core group of Zabbix users who routinely offer their help and insight there, as well as input from the Zabbix support team. Kudos to all who do that!

    I work for a Fortune 500 company. We have been using Zabbix going on 3 years now. During the Christmas/New Year's retail selling season, we go into peak freeze where no changes are allowed to our systems unless they are business critical.

    This year, we totally focused on performance monitoring of the systems that we considered critical during this peak retail season. Zabbix was the workhorse that kept a watchful and unblinking eye on these systems. Our standard alerting tool (Tivoli) was not functioning correctly, so we relied on Zabbix even more than usual. Over the period of our peak season (About 2 months), Zabbix caught and alerted on no less than 50 potentially crippling issues that could have easily led to server downtime on the critical servers alone.

    This year we had less server downtime then can be remembered by many at the company. This is certainly attributed to the capabilities of the Zabbix product and the dedication of the Zabbix Development and Support team.

    To all at Zabbix SIA - thank you for your hard work and dedication!


    Thank you for sharing your story! I'm sure there are countless others here who have had similar experiences, myself included. I echo my appreciation to Alexei and the Zabbix core team for all of their hard work and for a fine product which is continually improving!

    At my own company, not a week goes by where someone hasn't come up with something new that Zabbix can monitor or some problem we've prevented with recently added monitoring. We "graduated" from Nagios and the capabilities of Zabbix have only barely been touched. We are extremely happy with our Zabbix experience and look forward to the future!

    Thank you again! And Happy Birthday, Zabbix!


      I'm a bit late with this, but I would also like to congratulate the Zabbix team with the 10 year anniversary.

      I've used Zabbix for my monitoring needs since 2006 and I really appreciate the product, It is maturing very well. Like every product, there are point that need improving, but I have the feeling that Zabbix is continually being updated for the better.

      Alexei (and all the others), keep up the good work and let's have a nice party in Riga this year!

      Here's to the next 10 years!
      With kind regards,


      Online Zabbix tutorials:


        Really good day here in Latvia.
        Wish to meet all in morning sauna at 08 AM =)


          Happy anniversary Zabbix

          I am quite new to Zabbix. I like the tool even if I am not sure if my organization will go with it.

          Best of luck for the future.


            For Post Reply

            Hello Everyone,

            Even its late and don't know much about this site,i want to Congratulation ZABBIX, and wish for a huge success for the further way.

            Am quite new in this site. And hope i can work in this site.

            With best wishes,