Can I have Zabbix Clients version 3.X working with Server Version 2.X?

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    Can I have Zabbix Clients version 3.X working with Server Version 2.X?


    I have zabbix server 2.X with zabbix clients 2.X. I'm interested in the feature "" but it doesn't seem to be working in version 2.X

    I did few tests and that feature works in version 3.X. In particular from what I tested, the feature is implemented in the client, so I was able to confirm the feature works with Server 2.X and Client 3.X

    Right now, I have no plans to upgrade the server side as I don't own it, however I can upgrade the client side easily.

    The question is, can I have Clients in version 3.X while server is in version 2.X? Please notice that went to and I read that one can have older clients with new servers but in my case I want the opposite.

    Thanks a lot

    I think you only get items that the lowest version supports. The agent would support it, but the server and web frontend don't know how to define it. You should be able to do something similar with a userparameter item. Either call a script or use curl piped to grep -o might work.


      In this case the server does not care about what the item actually does, the frontend even less.

      Same for user parameters - it is a simple agent item with a free form key. Server does not care as long as agent knows how to interpret the key. Since "" is a known key to 3.x agents then it works with older 2.x server. Same applies to all the other items.


        I was facing problema getting the network interfaces discovering feature working with the last linux servers installed.

        After digging a bit I found a different versions:
        Server : v2.2.3 Kijiji
        Clients : v2.4.0

        After downgrading clients and letting the
        Quizlet network discovering start after a few minutes, all three client servers started monitoring network interfaces.

        Maybe someone has done this mistake and this could be helpful.
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          Agents are forward compatible until 4.0
          4.0 agents won't work with server/proxy < 4.0


            Dmitry, are you sure about this?

            I can't find any documentation reference to such limitation. Besides, 3.0.12 successfully monitors a 4.0.0 agent of mine.


              Passive checks won't work.
              Active will.


                zabbix_get 3.4.14 calling a 4.0.0 agent:

                $ zabbix_get -s 10.x.x.x -k
                zabbix_get [9406]: Check access restrictions in Zabbix agent configuration

                Agent log:
                21064:20181004:153438.774 Message from 10.y.y.y is missing header. Message ignored.




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