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Zabbix server harddisk fail

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    Zabbix server harddisk fail

    We had a Dell Optiplex workstation running as a Zabbix server (Fedora linux and mysql) on a site monitoring 6 servers and 7 workstations plus a handful of network switches etc. We had a similar workstation set up in our test lab.

    The HDD in the machine on site "died" (i.e machine would not boot - Error auto-sensing secondary master hard disk drive…) so we took the one from our lab machine to site to install as a quick fix, but when it was installed it was also found to be "dead" (i.e machine would not boot - Error auto-sensing secondary master hard disk drive…) although it had been working fine when removed from the workstation in the lab. We bought an off the shelf HDD from the local big box electronics store and installed it in the workstation and it worked fine...

    Has anyone else experienced similar HDD failure rates with Zabbix or is this more a case of trying to do an Enterprise mission with home office hardware...?

    (FYI we have now replaced the workstation on site with a server containing 2 RAID mirrored HDD's to prevent against future loss of service... )


    I ran Zabbix for about 4 months on a physical server and didn't have any failures. I've since moved it to virtual machines.

    That sounds like a faulty hard drive controller in the server itself.


      I thought it was a wierd error...

      Especially when we only had one HDD (primary? no secondary?) But then a lot of error messages are kinda cryptic...

      The machine booted up fine when we put put another spare HDD (that was "lying around") in there and then subsequently the new off the shelf one.

      We reloaded Zabbix onto the off the shelf HDD and its been running fine since February. (Our new RAID disk server is built and ready but has not been installed on site yet..)

      So to me that rules out the HDD controller...
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        So no one else has had any HDD issues?