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Email Notification Issues

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    Email Notification Issues

    Hi All,

    First post here. Be gentle with me.

    When I test my email set up I get this error:

    Connection timeout of 3 seconds exceeded when connecting to Zabbix server "XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX". The X's are the local IP for my Zabbix Server but you all knew that! Even though I get this error, the email goes through, WHEN testing.

    I then try real word test. In my windows 10 PC, I disable the Zabbix Agent service in hopes of trigger the alert. There is a rule that seems to indicate that losing contact with the agent is bad. I set it to disaster just to make sure. The issues shows up in my problem monitor. The turn off of the Agent was detected. But I get no email notification

    So, is the problem related to the error I get when I test? Or is my real world test bogus?

    Using Raspbian Buster on Pi 4. My test PC is on the same network as the Zabbix Server. Pretty sure no firewalls are getting in the way of anything. Any ideas?

    Thanks for considering my predicament.

    John Ullom


    Figured it out. Needed to set up media for each user.


      Skygizmo! Help a fellow searcher out now as well pleeeeease



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