zabbix agent won't start after changing configuration file

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    zabbix agent won't start after changing configuration file

    I have zabbix server on debian, and I'm trying to configure zabbix agent 3.0.0 on a windows machine using the msi installer

    Everything seems to work ok, the service is running, I have disabled the firewall on windows to test if I can connect via telnet on port 10050 to the agent on my windows machine. I couldn't so I checked the configuration file to see if I was missing something.

    I saw the properties ListenPort and ListenIP, filled it with the server ip and port 10050. But now after stopping the service, it can't be started again showing this error:
    "Error 1067. El proceso ha terminado de forma inesperada"

    If I comment again those properties, the server can be started again.
    Do I need to use those params in order to connect to the agent via telnet? if so, how can I change them and start the service?


    error message

    The error message I'm getting in the log when I fill ListenIP parameter is:

    listener failed: bind() for [[]:10050] failed: [0x00002741] The requested address is not valid in its context.


      source of the problem was another

      I had no need to configure the listenIP parameter.
      Just needed to redirect the incoming packets on port 10050 to my local machine in the router NAT.



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