13 What's new in Zabbix 2.0.8

13.1 Frontend improvements

13.1.1 Completed translations

The following translations are 100% completed for this release:

  • American English
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Ukrainian

13.1.2 Updated translations

  • Dutch

13.1.3 Suppressed warning messages about deprecated mysql extension

Before Zabbix 2.0.8, PHP version 5.5+ users would get a warning message about the mysql PHP extension being deprecated. Starting with Zabbix 2.0.8, warning messages about the deprecated mysql PHP extension are suppressed. Note: using the mysqli PHP extension becomes an official requirement in the next major Zabbix 2.2.0 version.

13.2 Daemon improvements

13.2.1 ODBC monitoring improvements

  • Before Zabbix 2.0.8 the login timeout for ODBC Database monitor items had a fixed value, 5 seconds. Now it is configurable and equal to "Timeout" parameter in server/proxy configuration file (3 seconds by default).
  • More detailed ODBC error messages

13.2.2 Improved warnings for messages exceeding size limits

Previously, when a message exceeded size limits Zabbix ignored it by writing a simple warning to the log file:

19561:20130806:165515.375 Message size 99999999 exceeds the maximum size 67108864 bytes. Message ignored.

In Zabbix 2.0.8, the IP address is added to the warning to identify the message source:

19561:20130806:165515.375 Message size 99999999 from IP exceeds the maximum size 67108864 bytes. Message ignored.