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7 What's new in Zabbix 3.4.2

Acknowledgement message recipient options

Problem acknowledgement notifications appeared in Zabbix 3.4.0, however, an important aspect was missed when developing the initial option list of possible recipients of these messages. This is now corrected.

When configuring problem acknowledgement notifications, there is now an option called Notify all involved, which will send notification about problem acknowledgement to all those who received notification about the problem appearing.

This option will also send notification to anyone who has already added acknowledgement and commented upon the acknowledgement. This second part is what the original functionality of 3.4.0 was when picking the Notify all who left acknowledgement and comments option, which has now been replaced to the new Notify all involved option.

Permission changes to dashboards

Permissions to dashboards have been changed for the Zabbix Admin type of users:

  • They can see and clone a dashboard if they have at least READ rights to it;
  • They can edit and delete dashboard only if they have READ/WRITE rights to it;
  • They cannot change the dashboard owner.

Network maps

Several fixes and improvements have been made for network maps:

  • The Expand macros option in map editing, missing in Zabbix 3.4.0 and 3.4.1, has been reinstated. It has two states:
   * Off - macros are not expanded
          * On - macros are expanded
       * Macro expansion in the map now takes place when the editing page is loaded and when macro related attributes are changed (like label, elements, etc.) and not when the //Expand macros// option is clicked as previously. Expanded macros, if unchanged, are cached for the whole editing process.
       * The {MAP.NAME} macro remains specific to map shapes. Its value is not updated if the map name is changed, for example, in another tab.
       * The ''{host:key.function(parameter)}'' macro is now also supported in map shapes:

Frontend improvements

  • When selecting which dashboard to open in MonitoringDashboard, the first one in the list which the user has permissions to is now opened. Previously this choice was hard-coded and based on dashboard ID=1.
  • The height of a dashboard widget now can be no less than two rows so as to be able to display at least some content.
  • A new ZBX_URI_VALID_SCHEMES constant has been added which defines the allowed URI schemes.

Updated translations

  • Chinese (China)
  • English (United States)
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Turkish

Enabled Turkish translation to be displayed by default.

Daemon improvements

Processing low-level discovery (LLD)

LLD rule processing has been modified so multiple values for the same LLD rule are not processed simultaneously. For more details, see the upgrade notes.