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2 Hosts


In the Inventory → Hosts section inventory data of hosts are displayed.

Select a group from the dropdown in the upper right corner to display the inventory data of hosts in that group. You can also filter the hosts by any inventory field to display only the hosts you are interested in.

To display all host inventories, select "all" in the group dropdown, clear the comparison field in the filter and press "Filter".

While only some key inventory fields are displayed in the table, you can also view all available inventory information for that host. To do that, click on the host name in the first column.

Inventory details

The Overview tab contains some general information about the host along with links to predefined scripts, latest monitoring data and host configuration options:

The Details tab contains all available inventory details for the host:

The completeness of inventory data depends on how much inventory information is maintained with the host. If no information is maintained, the Details tab is disabled.