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9 What's new in Zabbix 3.4.4

Additional Windows service startup types

Since Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 several more Windows service startup types have been supported:

  • Automatic (Trigger Start)
  • Automatic delayed (Trigger Start)
  • Manual (Trigger Start)

In the new version Zabbix can discover and work with these startup types:

  • There is a new Windows service discovery macro - {#SERVICE.STARTUPTRIGGER}, which returns 0 if the startup type has no trigger start or 1 if the startup type has trigger start;
  • The Windows agent item now supports additional return values for the startup parameter - automatic trigger start, automatic delayed trigger start and manual trigger start.

Checking if macros in LLD rule filter receive value

It is now checked if all low-level discovery macros used in the low-level discovery rule filter actually receive a value. If JSON data do not contain a value for the corresponding macro, then an error message is displayed in the Info column for the discovery rule:

Cannot accurately apply filter: no value received for macro "{#MACRO.NAME}".

Item changes

  • system.cpu.num agent item on AIX now returns a value based on the logical processors attached to an AIX LPAR and not the physical ones.

Configurable default refresh for dashboard widgets

New dropdown Refresh interval is added under Name field for each widget. It is now possible to configure default refresh interval. Default refresh intervals for widgets range from No refresh to 15 minutes depending on the type of widget. For example: No refresh for URL widget, 1 minute for action log widget, 15 minutes for clock widget.