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 <​DT><​B>​-c</​B>,​ <​B>​--config</​B>​ <​I>​config-file</​I><​DD>​ <​DT><​B>​-c</​B>,​ <​B>​--config</​B>​ <​I>​config-file</​I><​DD>​
 Use the alternate <​I>​config-file</​I>​ instead of the default one. Use the alternate <​I>​config-file</​I>​ instead of the default one.
-Absolute path should be specified. 
 <​DT><​B>​-f</​B>,​ <​B>​--foreground</​B><​DD>​ <​DT><​B>​-f</​B>,​ <​B>​--foreground</​B><​DD>​
 Run Zabbix agent in foreground. Run Zabbix agent in foreground.