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-==== - #1 Server ====+==== 1 Server ====
 === Overview === === Overview ===
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 <​code>​ <​code>​
--c --config <​file> ​             ​absolute ​path to the configuration file (default is /​usr/​local/​etc/​zabbix_server.conf)+-c --config <​file> ​             path to the configuration file (default is /​usr/​local/​etc/​zabbix_server.conf)
 -R --runtime-control <​option> ​  ​perform administrative functions -R --runtime-control <​option> ​  ​perform administrative functions
 -h --help ​                      give this help -h --help ​                      give this help
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 <​note>​Zabbix may work on other Unix-like operating systems as well.</​note>​ <​note>​Zabbix may work on other Unix-like operating systems as well.</​note>​
 +=== Locale ===
 +Note that the server requires a UTF-8 locale so that some textual items can be interpreted correctly. Most modern Unix-like systems have a UTF-8 locale as default, however, there are some systems where that may need to be set specifically.