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martins-v created; backward-compatibility issue with 3.4.x proxies, present in Zabbix 3.4.10, has been fixed
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-==== 20 Upgrade notes for 3.4.11 ====+==== 21 Upgrade notes for 3.4.11 ====
 === Server issues === === Server issues ===
-Backward-compatibility issue with 3.4.x proxies, ​present ​in Zabbix 3.4.10, has been fixed.+Backward- and forward-compatibility issue with 3.4.x proxies, ​which appeared ​in Zabbix ​[[:​manual/​installation/​upgrade_notes_3410|server ​3.4.10]], has been fixed. The fix, however, does not apply to working with 3.4.10 itself.