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 === Upgrade between minor versions === === Upgrade between minor versions ===
-It is possible to upgrade ​between ​minor versions of 3.4.x (for example, from 3.4.1 to 3.4.3). ​Upgrading between minor versions ​is easy.+It is possible to upgrade minor versions of 3.4.x (for example, from 3.4.1 to 3.4.3). ​It is easy.
-To execute ​Zabbix minor version ​upgrade it is required to run:+To upgrade ​Zabbix minor version ​please ​run:
-  ​sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade zabbix.+  ​sudo apt install --only-upgrade ​'zabbix.*'
   ​   ​
-To execute ​Zabbix server minor version ​upgrade ​run:+To upgrade ​Zabbix server minor version ​please ​run:
-  ​sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade zabbix-server.+  ​sudo apt install --only-upgrade ​'zabbix-server.*'
-To execute ​Zabbix agent minor version ​upgrade ​run:+To upgrade ​Zabbix agent minor version ​please ​run: 
 +  $ sudo apt install --only-upgrade '​zabbix-agent.*'​
-  # sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade zabbix-agent.