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12 What's new in Zabbix 4.0.7


The global search field in the top-right corner has been improved. Starting to type in it will show all hosts with matching strings in any part of the name, not only in the beginning of the name as before.

The global search field can now also match the technical name to the visible name of the host. In this case the matching visible name is listed as an option, but not highlighted:

Discovery rule filtering

A filter has been added for discovery rule filtering in MonitoringDiscovery. The filter replaces the dropdown from previous Zabbix versions. If you start typing the name in the filter, all matching enabled discovery rules will be listed for selection.

More than one discovery rule can be selected now.

Copying items, triggers, graphs

The form for item/trigger/graph copying to other targets has been changed:

  • The Target type field is now a radio button type, instead of a dropdown;
  • The Target field allows to multiselect, rather than displaying all possible targets in what could be an endless list. Starting to type in the Target field will show all available corresponding targets.

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