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9 Discovery


In the Monitoring → Discovery section results of network discovery are shown. Discovered devices are sorted by the discovery rule.

If a device is already monitored, the host name will be listed in the Monitored host column, and the duration of the device being discovered or lost after previous discovery is shown in the Uptime/Downtime column.

After that follow the columns showing the state of individual services for each discovered device (green cells show services that are up, red cells services that are down). Service uptime or downtime is included within the cell.

Only those services that have been found on at least one device will have a column showing their state.


Buttons to the right offer the following options:

Display page in fullscreen mode.
Display page in kiosk mode. In this mode only page content displayed.
The kiosk mode button appears when the fullscreen mode is activated.
To exit kiosk mode, move the mouse cursor until the exit button appears and click on it. Note that you will be taken back to normal mode (not fullscreen mode).