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manual:api:reference:iconmap:get [2017/07/26 09:34]
sasha dropped support of non-boolean values for countOutput, excludeSearch, preservekeys and startSearch flags
manual:api:reference:iconmap:get [2019/01/28 14:50] (current)
sasha <code js> => <code java>
Line 46: Line 46:
 Request: Request:
-<​code ​js>+<​code ​java>
 { {
     "​jsonrpc":​ "​2.0",​     "​jsonrpc":​ "​2.0",​
Line 61: Line 61:
 Response: Response:
-<​code ​js>+<​code ​java>
 { {
     "​jsonrpc":​ "​2.0",​     "​jsonrpc":​ "​2.0",​