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 +==== 3 Low-level discovery macros ====
 +=== Overview ===
 +There is a type of macro used within the [[manual:​discovery:​low_level_discovery|low-level discovery]] (LLD) function:
 +  {#​MACRO} ​
 +It is a macro that is used in an LLD rule and returns real values of file system names, network interfaces and SNMP OIDs.
 +These macros can be used for creating item, trigger and graph //​prototypes//​. Then, when discovering real file systems, network interfaces etc., these macros are substituted with real values and are the basis for creating real items, triggers and graphs.
 +These macros are also used in creating host and host group //​prototypes//​ in virtual machine [[:​manual/​vm_monitoring#​host_prototypes|discovery]].
 +Some low-level discovery macros come "​pre-packaged"​ with the LLD function in Zabbix - {#FSNAME}, {#FSTYPE}, {#IFNAME}, {#​SNMPINDEX},​ {#​SNMPVALUE}. However, adhering to these names is not compulsory when creating a [[manual:​discovery:​low_level_discovery#​creating_custom_lld_rules|custom]] low-level discovery rule. Then you may use any other LLD macro name and refer to that name.
 +=== Supported locations ===
 +LLD macros can be used:
 +  * in the low-level discovery rule filter
 +  * for item prototypes in
 +    * names
 +    * key parameters
 +    * units
 +    * update intervals<​sup>​[[lld_macros#​footnotes|1]]</​sup>​
 +    * history storage periods<​sup>​[[lld_macros#​footnotes|1]]</​sup>​
 +    * trend storage periods<​sup>​[[lld_macros#​footnotes|1]]</​sup>​
 +    * SNMP OIDs
 +    * IPMI sensor fields
 +    * calculated item formulas
 +    * SSH and Telnet scripts
 +    * database monitoring SQL queries
 +    * JMX item endpoint fields
 +    * descriptions
 +    * since Zabbix 4.0 also in:
 +      * item value preprocessing steps
 +      * HTTP agent URL field
 +      * HTTP agent HTTP query fields field
 +      * HTTP agent request body field
 +      * HTTP agent required status codes field
 +      * HTTP agent headers field key and value
 +      * HTTP agent HTTP authentication username field
 +      * HTTP agent HTTP authentication password field
 +      * HTTP agent HTTP proxy field
 +      * HTTP agent HTTP SSL certificate file field
 +      * HTTP agent HTTP SSL key file field
 +      * HTTP agent HTTP SSL key password field
 +      * HTTP agent HTTP timeout<​sup>​[[lld_macros#​footnotes|1]]</​sup>​ field
 +  * for trigger prototypes in
 +    * names
 +    * expression (only in constants and function parameters)
 +    * URLs
 +    * descriptions
 +    * event tag names and values
 +  * for graph prototypes in
 +    * names
 +  * for host prototypes in
 +    * names
 +    * visible names
 +    * host group prototype names
 +    * (see the [[:​manual/​vm_monitoring/​discovery_fields|full list]])
 +In all those places LLD macros can be used inside user [[:​manual/​config/​macros/​usermacros#​user_macro_context|macro context]].
 +=== Using macro functions ===
 +Macro functions are supported with low-level discovery macros (except in low-level discovery rule filter), allowing to extract a certain part of the macro value using a regular expression.
 +For example, you may want to extract the customer name and interface number from the following LLD macro for the purposes of event tagging:
 +  {#​IFALIAS}=customername_1
 +To do so, the ''​regsub''​ macro function can be used with the macro in the event tag value field of a trigger prototype:
 +Note, that commas are not allowed in unquoted item [[:​manual/​config/​items/​item/​key#​key_parameters|key parameters]],​ so the parameter containing a macro function has to be quoted. The backslash (''​\''​) character should be used to escape double quotes inside the parameter. Example:
 +["​{{#​IFALIAS}.regsub(\"​(.*)_([0-9]+)\",​ \1)}",​bytes]
 +For more information on macro function syntax, see: [[:​manual/​config/​macros/​macro_functions|Macro functions]]
 +Macro functions are supported in low-level discovery macros since Zabbix 4.0.
 +== Footnotes ==
 +<​sup>​**1**</​sup>​ In the fields marked with <​sup>​[[lld_macros#​footnotes|1]]</​sup>​ a single macro has to fill the whole field. Multiple macros in a field or macros mixed with text are not supported.