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 {{:​manual:​config:​macros:​lld_macro_function.png|}} {{:​manual:​config:​macros:​lld_macro_function.png|}}
 +Note, that commas are not allowed in unquoted item [[:​manual/​config/​items/​item/​key#​key_parameters|key parameters]],​ so the parameter containing a macro function has to be quoted. The backslash (''​\''​) character can be used to escape double quotes inside the parameter. Example:
 +["​{{#​IFALIAS}.regsub(\"​(.*)_([0-9]+)\",​ \1)}",​bytes]
 For more information on macro function syntax, see: [[:​manual/​config/​macros/​macro_functions|Macro functions]] For more information on macro function syntax, see: [[:​manual/​config/​macros/​macro_functions|Macro functions]]