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Line 52: Line 52:
 {{:​manual:​discovery:​low_level_discovery:​fs_get_lld_agent.png|}} {{:​manual:​discovery:​low_level_discovery:​fs_get_lld_agent.png|}}
 +This discovery rule will return discovery macros such as {#FSNAME}, {#FSTYPE} that can be used in creating item prototypes.
 == Dependent item prototype == == Dependent item prototype ==
Line 59: Line 61:
 {{:​manual:​discovery:​low_level_discovery:​fs_get_prototype.png|}} {{:​manual:​discovery:​low_level_discovery:​fs_get_prototype.png|}}
-Note the use of custom ​macros in the item prototype name and key:+Note the use of macros in the item prototype name and key:
   * //Name//: Free disk space on {#FSNAME}, type: {#FSTYPE}   * //Name//: Free disk space on {#FSNAME}, type: {#FSTYPE}