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6 What's new in Zabbix 5.4.1

New templates

The following templates are now available for out-of-the-box monitoring:

  • Cisco UCS Manager SNMP - monitoring of Cisco UCS Manager via SNMP.
HP ProLiant
  • HPE ProLiant BL460 SNMP - monitoring of HPE ProLiant BL460 servers with HP iLO version 4 and later via SNMP;
  • HPE ProLiant BL920 SNMP - monitoring of HPE ProLiant BL920 servers with HP iLO version 4 and later via SNMP;
  • HPE ProLiant DL360 SNMP - monitoring of HPE ProLiant DL360 servers with HP iLO version 4 and later via SNMP;
  • HPE ProLiant DL380 SNMP - monitoring of HPE ProLiant DL380 servers with HP iLO version 4 and later via SNMP.
Nginx Plus
  • AAM1212-51 IES-612 SNMP - monitoring of Zyxel AAM1212-51 / IES-612 via SNMP;
  • ES3500-8PD SNMP - monitoring of Zyxel ES3500-8PD via SNMP;
  • GS-4012F SNMP - monitoring of Zyxel GS-4012F via SNMP;
  • IES-500x SNMP - monitoring of Zyxel IES-500x via SNMP;
  • IES1248-51 SNMP - monitoring of Zyxel IES1248-51 via SNMP;
  • MES-3528 SNMP - monitoring of Zyxel MES-3528 via SNMP;
  • MES3500-10 SNMP - monitoring of Zyxel MES3500-10 via SNMP;
  • MES3500-24 SNMP - monitoring of Zyxel MES3500-24 via SNMP;
  • MGS-3712 SNMP - monitoring of Zyxel MGS-3712 via SNMP;
  • MGS-3712F SNMP - monitoring of Zyxel MGS-3712F via SNMP;
  • MES3500-24S SNMP - monitoring of Zyxel MES3500-24S via SNMP;
  • MGS3520-28x SNMP - monitoring of Zyxel MGS3520-28x via SNMP;
  • XGS-4728F SNMP - monitoring of Zyxel XGS-4728F via SNMP.
Updated templates

Zabbix server and Remote Zabbix server templates have been updated according to the latest template guidelines; new metrics have been added to monitor report generation.

You can get these templates:

  • In ConfigurationTemplates in new installations;
  • If you are upgrading from previous versions, you can download new templates from Zabbix Git repository or find them in the templates directory of the downloaded latest Zabbix version. Then, while in ConfigurationTemplates you can import them manually into Zabbix.

System information

A database version support check has been added to the System information report and widget. If the version of the database used is below or above supported range a warning message will be displayed. The message will be visible only to users with the Super admin role type.

Diagnostic information

Diagnostic information about preprocessing has been improved to include the oldest values in queue and the totals to include done, queued, processing and pending.

Web scenario fields

The maximum field size has been increased from 255 to 2000 characters in the web scenario variables and web scenario step variables and post fields.