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  • yngvith
    started a topic file system monitoring

    file system monitoring

    Hi, I'm new to zabbix. So, I've just installed a zabbix server vesion:
    zabbix_server --version
    Zabbix server v2.4.7 (revision 56694) (12 November 2015)
    Compilation time: Nov 13 2015 11:41:19
    the server is ubuntu 14.04 LTS, kernel 3.13.0-68-generic

    I've installed...
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  • API usage to get CPU, Memory, and Disk Usage

    I am creating a JAVA web application to create a quick dashboard to show data for over a hundred different servers that are all monitored by Zabbix. I am trying to use the 2.2 API to get information about CPU, memory, and hard disk utilization but can't seem to find good documentation to do so. I have...
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  • Tractorboy
    started a topic Disk Space Alert

    Disk Space Alert

    I do not like to alert on physical free space or free percentage as this does not account for that disks current usage.

    Consider the scenerio of many many servers, each running against a templated set of disk items. Each server has a different initial size, and different disk consumption...
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  • Проверка свободного места

    Подскажите есть ли возможность проверять свободное место на диске Win сервера без установки клиента?
    Сервер версия 1.8.2

    Порылся на форуме, но видимо с поиском у меня плохо.
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  • Zabbix agent 1.8.2 reports disk space too high (wrong units by an order of magnitude)

    I've recently built Zabbix 1.8.2 both as a server and an agent. They work great except for one hitch.

    For the machine where I built the agent, disk space is reported too high on the web UI by an order of magnitude. In other words, megabytes are given as gigabytes, gigabytes as terabytes,...
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