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  • Отслеживание данных принтеров по SNMP

    Доброго времени суток. Помогите разобраться. Есть принтеры Canon. Настроено автообнаружение для них, узлы добавляются и соответственный шаблон к ним присваивается. Вот...
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  • Monitorear Sitios Web en Azure con Zabbix


    La razón por la cual he instalado zabbix, es que deseo monitorear todos WebSite que tenemos en AZURE,
    El zabbix server esta corriendo correctamente, lo tengo desde cero, aun no he agregado configuraciones adicionales, ningún Host y ningún tipo de templete ni servicios...
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  • Problemas para startar o Zabbix_Server

    Instalei o Zabbix server recentemente, estou com apenas 4 hosts sendo monitorados e agora estou com este problema. alguem consegue me ajudar?

    Erro que aparece

    zabbix-server.service - Zabbix Server
    Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/zabbix-server.service; enabled;...
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  • Limiting users for accessing zabbix API or disabling zabbix API

    I have several users with group level permissions on zabbix created. But how do i disable/limit them from accessing Zabbix API's?
    server version : 3.0.13

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  • sailaja
    started a topic Using zabbix_sender for host discovery

    Using zabbix_sender for host discovery

    I'm writing an application which delivers data from remote devices over an HTTP API. These devices are on a mobile data connection and have limited resources.

    I wish to receive custom monitoring data over the HTTP API, relying on the security model designed in the application, and push...
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  • Ayuda en Configuración de Alertas vie Email (Zabbix 3.4.11)

    Hola; tengo algunas dudas respecto a la configuración de las alertas vía email en zabbix. Ya tengo configurado al usuario con un cliente smtp de gmail, así como la asociación de un "action" a un trigger para que envíe la alerta. También configuré "Postfix" en el servidor donde...
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  • lpossamai
    started a topic Zabbix 3.4 Web Scenario with XML String

    Zabbix 3.4 Web Scenario with XML String

    Hi all,

    I need to monitor an internal API that returns XML Strings.

    To run it with curl, I do the following:
    curl --cert /usr/share/zabbix/ssl/certs/cert_prod.pem --key /usr/share/zabbix/ssl/keys/key_prod.key -s
    The output looks...
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  • lpossamai
    started a topic Shell script not working with Zabbix 3.4

    Shell script not working with Zabbix 3.4

    Hi guys.

    I have a script that checks an API status using curl. When manually executing the script on the Zabbix Server box, it works.

    /usr/lib/zabbix/externalscripts/ "api_check_ping"
    The script:
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  • jhsogred
    started a topic Zabbix Server no arranca

    Zabbix Server no arranca

    Hola, he visto que han hablado de ello, pero aun no alcanzo a resolverlo, he instalado Zabbix sin ningún problema, es mas, me abre el frontend, inicio sesión con las credenciales por defectos, estoy ahora agregando host, pero me sale un mensaje en la parte baja de la ventana que dice "zabbix...
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  • Zabbix Server sich selbst überwachen über IPMI?

    Guten Tag,
    Kurze frage ist es möglich das Zabbix sich selber überwachen kann? ich würde gerne mit IPMI einige Daten von dem Zabbix_server eigenen Server abgreifen dieser besitzt eine iDRAC Karte. Ich habe jetzt mal ausprobiert den eigenen Server als host einzutragen und beim IPMI agent einmal...
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  • ijeyhk
    started a topic Zabbix Frontend Access

    Zabbix Frontend Access


    I am new to both zabbix and kind of a newb when its come to Linux.

    I've been able to successfully install and setup Zabbix on my Centos VM, I can access the front end gui from the localhost.

    However, I'm running into issues when accessing it outside...
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  • Zabbix frontend broken after upgrade to version 3.4 from 3.2

    I just upgraded my Zabbix server on Centos7 and when I go to the frontend, it's not working like it should be. Everything's broken. For example, on the Dashboard, I have something like the picture attached below. I think the problem comes from the PHP but I'm not too sure about this. Can someone explain...
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  • Pradish
    started a topic Zabbix Server HDD Space

    Zabbix Server HDD Space

    Hi All,
    Have been using Zabbix for last 6 months. Server i used is with 180 GB disk and i initially though this would be sufficient.
    I have added 264 host for monitoring with 47256 items, MySQL DB size it self is now 127 GB and server is running out of disk space.
    I would like...
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  • Can't receive agent information on from zabbix server

    Hey there everyone, I've been trying to accoplish this:
    I've configured the zabbix agent in the zabbix server and configured the zabbix_agentd.conf file with the server information (identical to one server that is currently working and monitored) but the zabbix server gives me an error saying:...
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  • zabbixfk
    started a topic Upgrading from 2.2.12 to next version

    Upgrading from 2.2.12 to next version

    Hello All,

    I know this may be a simple/silly question, but need some advise on upgrading my zbx instances which are running 2.2.12 as of now.
    I have 1 master (1 cold with db readonly replication) and about 5 proxy instances.
    I see there are 3.0LTS and 3.2x available now,...
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