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    ZABBIX 1.6.6 released

    ZABBIX SIA is proud to announce the availability of ZABBIX 1.6.6.

    ZABBIX is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution. ZABBIX is released under the GPL, thus it is free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial use. A complete text of the license is available at

    It is recommended to upgrade from previous releases of 1.6.x.

    This document contains the release notes for ZABBIX 1.6.6.

    The following sections describe the release in details and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements its main documentation.


    It is recommended to create the following indexes in order to speed up performance of ZABBIX front-end as well as server side (ignore it if the indexes already exist):

    CREATE UNIQUE INDEX history_log_2 on history_log (itemid,id);
    CREATE UNIQUE INDEX history_text_2 on history_text (itemid,id);
    CREATE INDEX graphs_items_1 on graphs_items (itemid);
    CREATE INDEX graphs_items_2 on graphs_items (graphid);
    CREATE INDEX services_1 on services (triggerid);

    What's New in 1.6.6

    No new major features were introduced in this release.

    :: Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

    * [ZBX-1014] fixed gaps on graph with fixed y axis
    * [ZBX-1013] fixed evaluation of aggregate items for proxy hosts
    * [ZBX-1011] zabbix_sender will send data in blocks of 250 values per TCP connection
    * [DEV-417] added services[] metric for Windows agents
    * [ZBX-1005] fixed evaluations of functions diff, change and abschange for character items if received value more than 255 characters
    * [ZBX-1004] made snmp parameters editable in templated items
    * [ZBX-1001] fixed possible server crash while processing macros {ITEM.LASTVALUE}
    * [ZBX-999] fixed query in availability reports
    * [ZBX-996] fixed possible server crash with enabled StartDBSyncers option
    * [ZBX-993] fixed possible vulnerability of trapper
    * [ZBX-964] added check on item in trigger expression
    * [ZBX-987] fixed shutting down server/proxy after connection lost to remote mysql server
    * [ZBX-809] fixed memory leak while processing perf_counter metric under Windows
    * [ZBX-959] fixed windows agent crash while processing performance counters under Windows 2000. Thanks to Takanori Suzuki
    * [ZBX-733] added checks on value map creation/update
    * [ZBX-768] improved menu linebreaking
    * [ZBX-853] fixed item massdelete if not zabbix item selected
    * [ZBX-963] removed sid from users map element url
    * [ZBX-980] removed sid from users trigger url
    * [ZBX-981] fixed aggregate item helper text
    * [ZBX-213] added sql patches for graphs_items color field
    * [ZBX-933] fixed user profile auto-logout behavior
    * [ZBX-908] fixed item nextcheck recalculation on item update
    * [ZBX-965] fixed color in graph legend
    * [ZBX-966] added sorting in map creation form
    * [ZBX-824] fixed net.tcp.service to work with host DNS name
    * [ZBX-967] cosmetic changes in --help output of zabbix_get and zabbix_sender
    * [ZBX-898] fixed slow performance of events component on a screen
    * [ZBX-920] addedd missing indexes to DB upgrade patch for 1.6
    * [ZBX-854] added support of template triggers for actions
    * [ZBX-916] phrase 'delete selected' replaced by translatable S_DELETE_SELECTED
    * [ZBX-960] fixed confirmation questions in Configuration->Hosts->Host groups
    * [ZBX-975] TRUE/FALSE was replaced to Problems/Ok in Availability Report
    * [ZBX-137] added new indexes for tables: httptest, httptest, actions, dhosts, dservices, escalations
    * [ZBX-946] fixed drawing trigger line in graphs with trigger function "avg"
    * [ZBX-968] added dropdown with time periods for IT services
    * [ZBX-953] added informative note to zabbix_agentd --help output about user parameters and -t switch
    * [ZBX-962] removed "Found: 0" from media type config form

    Installation and Upgrade Notes


    See ZABBIX Manual for full details.


    Recompile ZABBIX binaries and update front-end PHP files, no database patching needed. See ZABBIX Manual for a detailed upgrade procedure. No upgrade of agents required, yet recommended.

    Pre-release testing

    ZABBIX Server

    ZABBIX Server has been tested on the following platforms:

    * Ubuntu Linux, AMD64, kernel 2.6.11, MySQL 4.x
    * Ubuntu Linux, Intel, kernel 2.6.15, MySQL 5.0.22

    ZABBIX Agents

    ZABBIX Agents have been compiled and tested on the following platforms:

    * AIX 5.2
    * FreeBSD 4.x, 5.x, 6.x
    * HP-UX 10.x, 11.x
    * Linux 2.4.x, 2.6.x
    * Linux CentOS
    * NetBSD 2.0
    * OS/X 10.2
    * Solaris 8, 9, 10
    * Tru64 5.1B
    * Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, Vista

    Note that agents are available pre-compiled from for a limited number of versions and platforms.

    Commercial support

    ZABBIX Company provides a full range of professional services. Please contact our sales department for pricing and more details.


    * ZABBIX 1.6 Manual
    * ZABBIX Forums (
    * ZABBIX Support (
    Alexei Vladishev
    Creator of Zabbix, Product manager
    New York | Tokyo | Riga
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