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Monthly bandwidth usage

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    Monthly bandwidth usage

    Hello everyone,

    I'm quite new to Zabbix. I want to generate a report to get the total bandwidth usage for a snmp enabled host for the entire month. If anyone can help me with that I will be very thankful.
    Pls advise me on this.

    I'm using zabbix version 1.8 and the snmp device I'm trying to monitor is a router.

    I’m using the snmp OID with “ifInOctets23” as the key to get the inbound bandwidth. And I’m using the same OID with “ifOutOctets23” as the key to get the outbound bandwidth.
    What I want to do is to get the total bandwidth usage report for a month for this Router. I wouldn’t mind writing a script to get it from the database. I want instructions to get the monthly reports step by step as I’m quite new to zabbix and network monitoring.

    I would be very grateful if anyone could assist me with this.

    Thanks a lot,

    Try this

    Also bare in mind that you might want to multiple your counter by 8 to get bps as this value is a Oct.


      Monthly bandwidth usage

      We have recently installed Zabbix to monitor our servers and needed a feature to calculate the amount of monthly traffic. This is how we have solved it: ;
      Hope it will work and for you!