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What happens if zabbix server don't recieve data from SNMP

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    What happens if zabbix server don't recieve data from SNMP


    Please, I want to ask what happens if device monitored by SNMPv1 agent will be not responding to query of SNMPv1 agent?

    I want to monitor thermometer which is not responding in error state. The device could be in error state about few seconds but it is unimportant for comlex monitoring. I'm wonder how exactly my zabbix server will be react? Item will be disabled or no-data will be recieved and monitoring of the item will be contine? It is impossible to simulate and I have to prepare system for this situation correctly.

    I use zabbix 1.8.6, OS - SLES 11

    thank you

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    Testing simulation

    If you have a valid IP address that isn't being used, then put that into the Host IP settings for a test. Zabbix should get no response and therefor the same nodata output of the Item.

    As for nodata, that is an expression function based on time. So for my trigger expression I can check if the nodata status of my Item has been true for say 3 minutes:


    Expressions for triggers in the manual
    Appendix of expression functions
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