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Blunting Zabbix web scenario

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    Blunting Zabbix web scenario

    Hello, I have a bunch of websites that I am monitoring with following web scenario:

    Update interval:30sec
    Step 1: Timeout-15 ---> --> code 200
    And then there is a trigger:

    The issue is that time to time I get 500 error and it immediately sends emails to everyone, now that is an issue when people receive 50 fake emails during the night and want to murder me.

    The steps I took are:

    ​​​Increase update interval to 600 sec
    Timeout increase to 60sec
    But I still have issues.
    What I really want is to set up that the check needs to fail at least 3 times before it sends an email, but I am failing to do so.
    Please if someone can help me fix my trigger or give me another suggestion.

    You could set your trigger to evaluate the last 3 values before sending:

    Like beneath (check the last 3 values and if the minimal value of them is 1, triggers your trigger):


    • Stefan_x96
      Stefan_x96 commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you for your answer brunohl , I do however have one more question. How does this differ from the number of attempts set in web scenarios?

      From what I understand if I have check every 60min with a timeout of 1m, if I put no. of attempts 3 for example, it will try 3 times in a row (for 3 min) to get the code 200? And would all of those count in the trigger, so then if I have 3 attempts should I set trigger with #9?
      Thanks for help


    From what I see, the Web Monitoring will return, in the end only one value for the key fail, for example. So if you put 3 attempts it will try once, if doesn't work it will try again and then again, but in the end the result will be fail = 1 (one data).

    When you check last 3 values in a trigger, you would expect that each of the final result is a fail, not just one that has failed 3 times.

    I would keep the 3 checks and use last 3 values in the test.



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