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  • trigger.get() no field to know if a trigger is acknowledged or not ?


    I'd like to know if the triggers I get are acknowledged or not.
    So I don't want to use 'withUnacknowledgedEvents' or 'withAcknowledgedEvents', because I want ALL triggers and just want to know their acknowledge state.

    I tried to set 'ouputs'='extend', but I don't...
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  • TNL
    started a topic Creating trigger that monitor updates in file

    Creating trigger that monitor updates in file


    I am trying to create a trigger for my item that monitors if any changes were made in a certain file.
    The item itself is getting the file content(an output of a daily script), and I would like to check using the trigger if something was written to the file.

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  • Monitoring a server without zabbix_agentd

    Hello how are you,

    I require your support indicating how I could monitor a server in which I am not allowed access to perform the installation of zabbix_agentd but that is affecting a service used in the company. It is necessary to monitor the availability of the server and the installed...
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  • AlBoPo
    started a topic trigger.get filter

    trigger.get filter


    I want to use `trigger.get` API and I'd like to add a filter to the request to only retrieve triggers I'm interested in.
    So if I look at the [doc]([]=trigger&s[]=get), it's said:

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  • Kiv4s
    started a topic Web Scenario - HTTPS

    Web Scenario - HTTPS

    I have a problem with configuration web scenario to page with HTTPS. I generate cert/key file, upload into zabbix folder, give access to this directory (chown to zabbix user). Next, I changed path to cert/key file in server.conf.
    After input path to cert and key into zabbix web scenario I get...
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  • Kiv4s
    started a topic Web Scenario Security

    Web Scenario Security

    Hi guys,

    I`m creating a web scenarios to check page response from page. I need to authenticate with username/password on this page to receive any response. Okay, I can provide this by link (username[email protected]) or by authentication tab, but it is safe ? It was a plain text. If I think...
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  • stazot
    started a topic Zabbix и PostgreSQL

    Zabbix и PostgreSQL

    Всем привет, заранее прошу прощения если тема была. Пытаюсь развернуть систему Zabbix. Хостов 500+ поэтому хотел поставить с использованием с PostgreSQL. Но поставить не реально....
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  • The graphical representation of all the hosts with multiple panes in a small window.

    As shown in the attachment I have selected an option of the Host as "all" and I get to view the graphs by selecting the CPU Utilization for each host or server. Likewise, I would like to view the graphs for all the servers by selecting an option all in the Graph > CPU Utilization > all...
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  • No data display on dashboard

    I am new user of Zabbix system . I already install version 3.4 on Debian 9.5. Everything is fine, ( i already monitor 10 Windows serwers) except graps on dashboard which i try display. I try displays both, graps from templates and graps creating myself directly from items and no luck....
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  • Zabbix Views for Different teams.

    Hello All,

    Is there any better way to build monitoring views based on the list of Servers in Zabbix?

    We have multiple teams looking at Zabbix console for monitoring the infrastructure.
    We to present only the alerts that specific team needs to work on.
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  • starky
    started a topic How to get evolutionary alerts ?

    How to get evolutionary alerts ?


    I would like to set my Zabbix to have an evolution in the case of some alerts.
    For example for the storage I would like the alert to be evolutionary to hardly notify me ( or have the problem in yellow) when I still have 20% of storage but have the alert in red or with another...
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  • How to synchronize clocks for a different item

    I am trying to synchronize clocks for all items in order to better analysis data , but I can't find the entrance to implement this function in zabbix. Can you help me?
    Please see the chart as below.

    My Version: zabbix3.2/Centos6.6
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  • Странно работает веб-интерфейс.

    Установил Zabbix и столкнулся с проблемой (см. рисунок). Не могу добавить ничего аналогичного - ни группу для пользователя, ни адрес для агента. Ставил из пакетов Freebsd 11.2. Кроме того что-то с отображением страниц не так (см. рисунок с кружком).
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  • bcitsnm
    started a topic How do I see PID information on Zabbix?

    How do I see PID information on Zabbix?

    Is there a way I can see the PID details on what process is running on the server? All I see on my soapbox dashboard is System status along with some "High" alerts. If I click on them, I get more details like the Host, Issue, Age, Info, Ack and Actions. These are fine, but I would like to...
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  • BigBoatCap
    started a topic Fetching average values trough API

    Fetching average values trough API

    Hello everybody!

    My task is to get monthly average values for such items as CPU and RAM Utilization.
    Seems to be a simple quest using history.get method, but...

    Here is what i got:
    Zabbix 3.4.9

    Considering i can get itemids.

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