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-Chosen //​Expression type//: "​Result is FALSE"​. Doesn'​t match name, containing string "//​TESTDATABASE//"​. 
 {{:​manual:​regular_expressions:​regexp_expr_2.png}} {{:​manual:​regular_expressions:​regexp_expr_2.png}}
 +Chosen //​Expression type//: %%"​Result is FALSE"​%%. Doesn'​t match name, containing string "//​TESTDATABASE//"​.
 +=== Example with an inline regex modifier ===
 +Use of the following regular expression including an inline modifier (?i) to match the characters "​error":​
 +  (?i)error
 +{{:​manual:​regular_expressions:​regexp_expr_3a.png}}  ​
 +Chosen //​Expression type//: %%"​Result is TRUE"​%%. Characters "​error"​ are matched. ​
 +=== Another example with an inline regex modifier ===
 +Use of the following regular expression including multiple inline modifiers to match the characters after a specific line:
 +  (?<​=match (?​i)everything(?​-i) after this line\n)(?​sx).*#​ we add s modifier to allow . match newline characters
 +Chosen Expression type: %%"​Result is TRUE"​%%. Characters after a specific line are matched. ​
 +<note important>​ **g** modifier can't be specified in line. The list of available modifiers can be found in [[https://​​original/​doc/​html/​pcresyntax.html#​SEC16|pcresyntax man page]]. For more information about PCRE syntax please refer to [[https://​​original/​doc/​html/​pcrepattern.html|PCRE HTML documentation]]. ​ </​note>​
 === More complex example === === More complex example ===
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 | ||||| | |||||
 ^Item value preprocessing^^^^^ ^Item value preprocessing^^^^^
-| ||Yes|No|**pattern** ​and **output** parameters|+| ||Yes|No|**pattern** ​parameter|
 | ||||| | |||||