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> Screen item object

The following objects are directly related to the screenitem API.

Screen item

The screen item object defines an element displayed on a screen. It has the following properties.

Property Type Description
screenitemid string (readonly) ID of the screen item.
integer Type of screen item.

Possible values:
0 - graph;
1 - simple graph;
2 - map;
3 - plain text;
4 - hosts info;
5 - triggers info;
6 - system information;
7 - clock;
8 - screen;
9 - triggers overview
10 - data overview;
11 - URL;
12 - history of actions;
13 - history of events;
14 - latest host group issues;
15 - problems by severity;
16 - latest host issues;
19 - simple graph prototype;
20 - graph prototype.
string ID of the screen that the item belongs to.
application string Application or part of application name by which data in screen item can be filtered. Applies to resource types: "Data overview" and "Triggers overview".
colspan integer Number of columns the screen item will span across.

Default: 1.
dynamic integer Whether the screen item is dynamic.

Possible values:
0 - (default) not dynamic;
1 - dynamic.
elements integer Number of lines to display on the screen item.

Default: 25.
halign integer Specifies how the screen item must be aligned horizontally in the cell.

Possible values:
0 - (default) center;
1 - left;
2 - right.
height integer Height of the screen item in pixels.

Default: 200.
max_columns integer Specifies the maximum amount of columns a graph prototype or simple graph prototype screen element can have.

Default: 3.
resourceid string ID of the object displayed on the screen item. Depending on the type of a screen item, the resourceid property can reference different objects.

Required for data overview, graph, map, plain text, screen, simple graph and trigger overview screen items. Unused by local and server time clocks, history of actions, history of events, hosts info, system information, problems by severity and URL screen items.
rowspan integer Number or rows the screen item will span across.

Default: 1.
sort_triggers integer Order in which actions or triggers must be sorted.

Possible values for history of actions screen elements:
3 - time, ascending;
4 - time, descending;
5 - type, ascending;
6 - type, descending;
7 - status, ascending;
8 - status, descending;
9 - retries left, ascending;
10 - retries left, descending;
11 - recipient, ascending;
12 - recipient, descending.

Possible values for latest host group issues and latest host issues screen items:
0 - (default) last change, descending;
1 - severity, descending;
2 - host, ascending.
style integer Screen item display option.

Possible values for data overview and triggers overview screen items:
0 - (default) display hosts on the left side;
1 - display hosts on the top.

Possible values for hosts info and triggers info screen elements:
0 - (default) horizontal layout;
1 - vertical layout.

Possible values for clock screen items:
0 - (default) local time;
1 - server time;
2 - host time.

Possible values for plain text screen items:
0 - (default) display values as plain text;
1 - display values as HTML.
url string URL of the webpage to be displayed in the screen item. Used by URL screen items.
valign integer Specifies how the screen item must be aligned vertically in the cell.

Possible values:
0 - (default) middle;
1 - top;
2 - bottom.
width integer Width of the screen item in pixels.

Default: 320.
x integer X-coordinates of the screen item on the screen, from left to right.

Default: 0.
y integer Y-coordinates of the screen item on the screen, from top to bottom.

Default: 0.