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5 Customising trigger severities

Trigger severity names and colours for severity related GUI elements can be configured in Administration → General → Trigger severities. Colours are shared among all GUI themes.

Translating customised severity names

If Zabbix frontend translations are used, custom severity names will override translated names by default.

Default trigger severity names are available for translation in all locales. If a severity name is changed, custom name is used in all locales and additional manual translation is needed.

Custom severity name translation procedure:

  • set required custom severity name, for example 'Important'
  • edit <frontend_dir>/locale/<required_locale>/LC_MESSAGES/frontend.po
  • add 2 lines:
msgid "Important"
       msgstr "<translation string>"

and save file.

  • create .mo files as described in <frontend_dir>/locale/README

Here msgid should match the new custom severity name and msgstr should be the translation for it in the specific language.

This procedure should be performed after each severity name change.