Localize Zabbix UI and Documentation

If you want to make Zabbix UI or documentation available in your language or improve existing translations, join the team of Zabbix translators. Zabbix UI translations and documentation in languages other than English are maintained by the community, and you can contribute to making it better.

Language teams

In January 2022, we introduced the new translation portal for managing Zabbix translations. You may contribute to translating any of the existing languages or be the first and create a new team for your language.

Because of moving to a new platform, there is a lot of translation work that needs to be done. If you can find some spare time to contribute, the community members will give you a warm welcome.

Why localize documentation?

Zabbix is an open source software, and a lot of our users rely on the documentation to set up monitoring for their infrastructure correctly. Adding or improving translation for your native language will make Zabbix available to large groups of people who don't speak English well enough.

How to start?

  1. Fill out the registration form to request access to
  2. Receive a welcome email from Zabbix team with detailed instructions. Even if you have never translated anything before, it will be easy to get started.
  3. Log in to and start contributing.