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  • Tek Chand
    started a topic interval time for alerting in zabbix

    interval time for alerting in zabbix

    Hello Team,

    We have configured the zabbix and its working fine. But i have few question regarding alerting in zabbix.

    We are getting mail notification for problem and resolved issue.

    But i have few question please help me so we can use zabbix in more better way....
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  • After manually closing an alert it comes back on


    If I have an alert triggered, like the one in the attachment, and I close it, after a few seconds that the alert is manually closed it comes back again.

    If I manually close the alert, even though it hasn't been resolved, I'd like it to NOT be displayed anymore. Is there...
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  • Alert "more than 75% use in the configuration cache"

    Hello and sorry for my english,

    I did a new fresh install of Zabbix 4.0 on Ubuntu server 18. All works good !

    I have just an alert : "more than 75% use in the configuration cache"

    I don't understand why, for the moment i have only 15 host. My Ubuntu VM...
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  • Dzonii
    started a topic Zabbix email alert

    Zabbix email alert

    Hello to everyone im newbie to Zabbix and i have problem to create email alert, i have try with two emails and with no success.Here are screenshots of my config . Any help is very apprecitated.
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  • Zabbix agent SSH alerts creating

    I need to get alerts from zabbix client servers if any user ssh to specific server with the IP address of login machine.

    I tried with zabbix clinet log monitoring to get alert once ssh some one to client server but it did not work it out.
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  • Leviter
    started a topic Getting current issues using API

    Getting current issues using API


    I am fairly new in using the API of Zabbix (using version 3.0.5). What I wanted to do, was create a simple (standalone) dashboard with the current issues. A bit like is being displayed on the standard Zabbix dashboard, but without a limit, different color coding etc etc.
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  • Unable to get Zabbix to send e-mail alerts


    I've been troubleshooting our Zabbix for a while and can't seem to figure out what's wrong with my implementation. We installed a brand new instance of Zabbix 3.0 and have compiled it with SMTP & SSL support. We are trying to use Amazon SES to send e-mails. We've verified that...
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  • Alert from dashboard isn't clearing though zabbix_get/latest data works fine

    Hello All,

    I have a weird situation in case of one of my added windows server agent not reachable trigger. I see that this trigger is populated under my dashboard under host status. Where as, i have agent up and running on that machine, latest data looks fine, and zabbix_get...
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  • santosh.deoria
    started a topic Colorful email Alert from ZABBIX

    Colorful email Alert from ZABBIX

    Hi All,

    i am very new in this forum and recently started using Zabbix 3.0 Appliance to monitor 30 node server and network.

    everything is working perfectly fine but email alerts are going in plain text which doesnt looks good if compare with Nagios.

    i am using...
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  • Database alert not working

    I am using Zabbix 2.4.2.

    I have a database alert setup and it was working properly from past many years. But suddenly it stopped working. I have checked the latest data screen, there I am getting value for this item but the alert is not showing up in the screen.
    Rest of the alerts...
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  • rdenadai
    started a topic Monitoring SLA using alerts

    Monitoring SLA using alerts

    is there anyway in Zabbix to monitoring SLA changes in the same way we check services?

    I mean, send an email to some user, when the SLA value for an specific item is low than the agreed?

    Thanks for the help
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  • skydiver
    started a topic Setup Office365 Email Notification

    Setup Office365 Email Notification

    I have the ITOC Amazon AMI server deployed in Amazon and am trying to get Alerts for this out of the box Zabbix VM working.

    We are using Office365 hosted exchange for our email service. I would like to send email through this server but would also accept direct email from the Zabbix local...
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  • Pizzicato
    started a topic SSH and SSHD checksum alerts

    SSH and SSHD checksum alerts

    I'm receiving this mails every now and then:

    Trigger: /usr/bin/ssh has been changed on server Master
    Trigger status: PROBLEM
    Trigger severity: Average
    Trigger URL: 
    Item values:
    1. Checksum of /usr/bin/ssh (Master:vfs.file.cksum[/usr/bin/ssh]):
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  • drignatj
    started a topic Receiveng alerts during outage times

    Receiveng alerts during outage times

    I am running Zabbix Server 1.8.3 which is monitoring many servers with little to no issue. The problem I seem to be running into is that one of our triggers is being set off (accurately) but the alert is told not to notify if the time is within 1-7,06:00-09:00. Regardless of this fact, we are getting...
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  • How can i stop Zabbix alerts if Zabbix loses connectivity

    Does anyone know how I can turn off zabbix alerts if Zabbix loses connectivity?

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