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  • The graphical representation of all the hosts with multiple panes in a small window.

    As shown in the attachment I have selected an option of the Host as "all" and I get to view the graphs by selecting the CPU Utilization for each host or server. Likewise, I would like to view the graphs for all the servers by selecting an option all in the Graph > CPU Utilization > all...
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  • No data display on dashboard

    I am new user of Zabbix system . I already install version 3.4 on Debian 9.5. Everything is fine, ( i already monitor 10 Windows serwers) except graps on dashboard which i try display. I try displays both, graps from templates and graps creating myself directly from items and no luck....
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  • mates
    started a topic Add username for name of test

    Add username for name of test

    Hi guys,

    i would like to ask you for help. I created Python script which authenticate to website and through REST API response JSON data. Then i created Userparameter and with key i can read all JSON data. After that i created dependent items with preprocessing JSONPath for element "user"...
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  • Disconnected graphs snmp as well as zabbix-agent , no data received alerts

    Hello All,

    There seems to be this weird scenario i am facing with respect to the agents off late where graphs show disconnected dots , no straight lines, keep getting no data recieved alerts but telnet to agent port looks fine. I really need help here to figure out what's going wrong....
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  • Data not showing on web scenario on some time period.

    I am created the web scenario to monitor the web URL and it is showing the graphs for speed and respond time. Attached screen shot show the configuration for web scenario. It is configured for 5s interval and when I extend the graph it does not show the continues graph and showing graph witch...
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  • Tharakaw
    started a topic How to add the web scenario to dash board.

    How to add the web scenario to dash board.

    It was activated the web monitoring for particular two URLs from different two agents. And it shows the the group when I try to show one by one(Monitoring -> Web -> web scenario). I need to show both web scenario on one dash board. Can you please let me know is that possible to show...
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  • Monitoring BTRFS and display select set of errors in a graph


    we're running Zabbix in a mixed environment, with one central server and a number of proxies. Some of our monitored Linux devices run of btrfs filesystem and from time to time we may experience errors in the filesystems.
    I'm thus working on a way to display the number of certain...
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  • Zabbix graph title overlapping with graph data


    Recently I've installed Zabbix (3.4.6) from repository (OS - Centos 7.3).

    After applying standard (cloned) snmp templates with interface discovery, it started to gather and raw data, BUT:

    The problem is, that graph title prototype is defined to be...
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  • Zabbix Monitor Graph Interrupted

    VMware Server
    OS: RHEL 6.4
    Database: Mysql
    Zabbix Version: 2.4.4

    I faced with a problem. When I added new server to monitor, and monitored the Graph, it with interrupted like the attach file, how could I fix it?
    feel free to leave your comment, many thank...
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  • Scegliere interfaccia su router CISCO

    Buongiorno a tutti,
    ho installato ZABBIX 2.4 e ho questo problema:
    l'icona SNMP è VERDE e questo stà a significare che la configurazione che l'outsourcer ha fatto è corretta.
    Ma il problema che se vado a creare il grafico la banda rimane a 0 ( ZERO )
    Ma quello che penso...
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  • wick
    started a topic Graphtree 3.2.x (6)

    Graphtree 3.2.x (6)


    Firstly thanks for this tool well played to the developer of this project.

    So when i see this project i download it cause this is exactly what i wanted for my zabbix server. But when i want to try this amazing tool i'm only redirected to an empty web
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  • please help me"add desc. on graph, added selection item with temp.

    dear all please help me as soon as possible!

    1)i discovered some interfaces with template , but i dosent need some interfaces , for me hard is very important and can i deleted some item that discovered zabbix?
    2)i needed write manually name of graph , can i write manually or import...
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  • sedat
    started a topic Graphs of all hosts in one page

    Graphs of all hosts in one page


    I previously used Zabbix 2.2.2. It was configured by some other admin.

    Now I have installed Zabbix 3.2.4 and trying to configure it.

    I used to view graphs of all hosts as I select one graph from combobox.
    In my current installation, I see repeating graph...
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  • Zabbix automatically populates graph even if no data is availalble

    Hi Zabbix community ,

    I have the following scenario and It seems I can't get my head around it .

    I've set up a trapper Item . With an external script using zabbix_sender I send data to this item every minute .
    So far so good .
    Now my problem is the following...
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  • ewu
    started a topic Larger Dots in Dot Graph

    Larger Dots in Dot Graph

    Hi Zabbix,

    can we have larger dots in dot graphs, please?

    It's quite hard to read the dot graphs in Zabbix 3.2.3 and with line graphs it can be hard to tell what is actual data and what is interpolation.
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