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Line 20: Line 20:
 **Note!** For Debian 8, substitute '​stretch'​ with '​jessie'​ in the commands. For Debian 7, substitute '​stretch'​ with '​wheezy'​ in the commands. **Note!** For Debian 8, substitute '​stretch'​ with '​jessie'​ in the commands. For Debian 7, substitute '​stretch'​ with '​wheezy'​ in the commands.
-  # wget http://​​zabbix/​3.4/​debian/​pool/​main/​z/​zabbix-release/​zabbix-release_3.4-1+stretch_all.deb+  # wget https://​​zabbix/​3.4/​debian/​pool/​main/​z/​zabbix-release/​zabbix-release_3.4-1+stretch_all.deb
   # dpkg -i zabbix-release_3.4-1+stretch_all.deb   # dpkg -i zabbix-release_3.4-1+stretch_all.deb
   # apt update   # apt update
Line 26: Line 26:
 For **Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic)**, run the following commands: For **Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic)**, run the following commands:
-  # wget http://​​zabbix/​3.4/​ubuntu/​pool/​main/​z/​zabbix-release/​zabbix-release_3.4-1+bionic_all.deb+  # wget https://​​zabbix/​3.4/​ubuntu/​pool/​main/​z/​zabbix-release/​zabbix-release_3.4-1+bionic_all.deb
   # dpkg -i zabbix-release_3.4-1+bionic_all.deb   # dpkg -i zabbix-release_3.4-1+bionic_all.deb
   # apt update   # apt update
Line 118: Line 118:
   php_value upload_max_filesize 2M   php_value upload_max_filesize 2M
   php_value max_input_time 300   php_value max_input_time 300
 +  php_value max_input_vars 10000
   php_value always_populate_raw_post_data -1   php_value always_populate_raw_post_data -1
   # php_value date.timezone Europe/Riga   # php_value date.timezone Europe/Riga