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> Alert object

The following objects are directly related to the alert API.


Alerts are created by the Zabbix server and cannot be modified via the API.

The alert object contains information about whether certain action operations have been executed successfully. It has the following properties.

Property Type Description
alertid string ID of the alert.
actionid string ID of the action that generated the alert.
alerttype integer Alert type.

Possible values:
0 - message;
1 - remote command.
clock timestamp Time when the alert was generated.
error string Error text if there are problems sending a message or running a command.
esc_step integer Action escalation step during which the alert was generated.
eventid string ID of the event that triggered the action.
mediatypeid string ID of the media type that was used to send the message.
message text Message text. Used for message alerts.
retries integer Number of times Zabbix tried to send the message.
sendto string Address, user name or other identifier of the recipient. Used for message alerts.
status integer Status indicating whether the action operation has been executed successfully.

Possible values for message alerts:
0 - message not sent.
1 - message sent.
2 - failed after a number of retries.
3 - new alert is not yet processed by alert manager.

Possible values for command alerts:
0 - command not run.
1 - command run.
2 - tried to run the command on the Zabbix agent but it was unavailable.
subject string Message subject. Used for message alerts.
userid string ID of the user that the message was sent to.
p_eventid string ID of problem event, which generated the alert.
acknowledgeid string ID of acknowledgment, which generated the alert.