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11 What's new in Zabbix 4.0.6

Windows MSI agent packages

Windows MSI installer packages for Zabbix Windows agent are available for download.

Date and time on hover in graph widget

Date and time is now also displayed, in addition to displaying item values, when hovering over a point in time in the graph widget. Note that this is the date and time of the point in graph, not of the actual values. However, this change still allows to know more precisely when something (e.g. a peak) happened:

Item changes

  • A 'mode' parameter has been added to the vmware.eventlog[] item key, used in monitoring VMware envirnoments, allowing to optionally specify skipping of older log data. See also: Template changes.
  • Support of IPv6 addresses has been added to the first parameter of the net.dns[] Zabbix agent item.

Frontend changes

  • The Info column is now also displayed in the item list for template items. Previously it was only displayed in the host item list.
  • The Trigger menu is now also accessible by clicking on the trigger information in the event detail page: