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> Host interface object

The following objects are directly related to the hostinterface API.

Host interface

The host interface object has the following properties.

Note that both IP and DNS are required. If you do not want to use DNS, set it to an empty string.

Property Type Description
interfaceid string (readonly) ID of the interface.
string DNS name used by the interface.

Can be empty if the connection is made via IP.
string ID of the host the interface belongs to.
string IP address used by the interface.

Can be empty if the connection is made via DNS.
integer Whether the interface is used as default on the host. Only one interface of some type can be set as default on a host.

Possible values are:
0 - not default;
1 - default.
string Port number used by the interface. Can contain user macros.
integer Interface type.

Possible values are:
1 - agent;
2 - SNMP;
3 - IPMI;
4 - JMX.
integer Whether the connection should be made via IP.

Possible values are:
0 - connect using host DNS name;
1 - connect using host IP address for this host interface.
bulk integer Whether to use bulk SNMP requests.

Possible values are:
0 - don't use bulk requests;
1 - (default) use bulk requests.