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13 What's new in Zabbix 4.0.8

Custom headers in web scenarios/HTTP checks

The length of custom header value fields has been increased from 255 to 1000 characters.


Human readable time in Plain text widget

When displaying time in the Plain text dashboard widget, it is now displayed in a human readable form.

|<| |<| |-| |<|


Warnings about incompatible versions

Warnings are now being logged if incompatible Zabbix daemon versions are used.

Windows agent compilation revision

Generating a Windows file properties revision number has been added for agent compilation on MS Windows. It follows a {b}{t}{nn} format where:

  • {b} - source (1 - feature or release, 2 - tag)
  • {t} - type (1 - alpha, 2 - beta, 3 - release candidate, 4 - release)
  • {nn} - sequence number for the 'type'

For example:

Tag Branch Version Result
4.0.8 Zabbix 4.0.8
release/4.0 Zabbix 4.0.8rc3
feature/ZBX-16074 Zabbix 4.0.8rc1