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35 What's new in Zabbix 5.0.31

Improved performance of history syncers

The performance of history syncers has been improved by introducing a new read-write lock. This reduces locking between history syncers, trappers and proxy pollers by using a shared read lock while accessing the configuration cache. The new lock can be write locked only by the configuration syncer performing a configuration cache reload.

Optimized API queries

API database queries, created when searching through names in hosts and items tables, have been optimized and will now be processed more efficiently.

Retrieving additional information with docker.container_info[]

The docker.container_info[] Zabbix agent 2 item now supports the option to retrieve either partial (short) or full low-level information about a Docker container.

TimescaleDB 2.9.0 support

The maximum supported version for TimescaleDB is now 2.9.0.