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12 What's new in Zabbix 5.0.7


A new systemd.unit.get[<unit name>,<interface>] item allows to retrieve all properties of a systemd unit. This item is supported by Zabbix agent 2 on Linux platforms only.

Custom multiplier preprocessing step

Custom multiplier preprocessing step now accepts strings with macros (a macro must resolve as an integer or a floating-point number).

Java gateway property file

A new zabbix.propertiesFile configuration parameter allows to specify a property file, which can be used to set additional properties in such a way that they are not visible on a command line or to overwrite existing ones.

Zabbix agent 2 plugins

Parameter structure for Zabbix agent 2 plugins has been updated:

  • For Ceph, Docker, Memcached, MySQL, Oracle, and Redis plugins, a Uri can now only be specified as a named session parameter.
  • For PostgreSQL plugin a Uri and Database name can now only be specified as a named session parameter.
  • For Uri parameters, specifying a scheme is no longer mandatory.

See also: Zabbix agent 2 (UNIX), Zabbix agent 2 (Windows)


  • Zabbix agent for Windows now substitutes SIDs with account name and domain name in event log messages.