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oggetto action.update(object/array actions)

Questo metodo consente di aggiornare le azioni esistenti.

Questo metodo è disponibile solo per tipi di utenti Admin e Super admin. Le autorizzazioni per chiamare il metodo possono essere revocate nelle impostazioni del ruolo utente. Vedere Utente ruoli per maggiori informazioni.


(object/array) Action properties to be updated.

The actionid property must be defined for each action, all other properties are optional. Only the passed properties will be updated, all others will remain unchanged.

Additionally to the standard action properties, the method accepts the following parameters.

Parameter Type Description
filter object Action filter object to replace the current filter.
operations array Action operations to replace existing operations.
recovery_operations array Action recovery operations to replace existing recovery operations.
update_operations array Action update operations to replace existing update operations.

Return values

(object) Returns an object containing the IDs of the updated actions under the actionids property.


Disable action

Disable action, that is, set its status to "1".


           "jsonrpc": "2.0",
           "method": "action.update",
           "params": {
               "actionid": "2",
               "status": "1"
           "auth": "038e1d7b1735c6a5436ee9eae095879e",
           "id": 1


           "jsonrpc": "2.0",
           "result": {
               "actionids": [
           "id": 1

Guarda anche


CAction::update() in ui/include/classes/api/services/CAction.php.