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  • ITIC007
    started a topic Zabbix proxies behind a load balancer???

    Zabbix proxies behind a load balancer???

    What are the caveats and general requirements to have the proxies behind a load balancer? I've read that Zabbix doesn't like this a lot of the times, but I've also read that there are some implementations there in the community who have achieved this before.

    Can we have all the agents pointing...
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  • Proxy Queue Figures Incorrect

    I have recently upgraded from ZABBIX 3 to 4 (4.0.6) and we keep getting the "More than 100 items have missing data for more than 10 minutes" trigger. We do have a number of items with missing values which we are dealing with hence the trigger being changed to 200 items now however, the triggers...
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  • Unable to connect to the server proxy

    I configured server proxy ( and I get errors:

    Unable to connect to the server [Server_IP]:10051 [ cannot connect to [[ Server_IP]: 10051]: [4] Interrupted system call]
    cannot send list of active checks to "" : host [host_computer] not found
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  • ODBC монитор MySQL


    Возникла необходимость считать количество новых данных в одной из таблиц MySQL на удаленном сервере. Для этого используется запрос
    SELECT count(*) FROM <database>.<table> WHERE datetime_local >= DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 1 HOUR) AND datetime_local < n
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  • Параметр "Наблюдение через прокси" в хосте прокси

    При использовании zabbix-proxy и настройке параметров его хоста решили провести эксперимент и указали в параметре "Наблюдение через прокси" (Monitored by proxy) эту же прокси.

    При этом получили интересные результаты, которые затрудняемся трактовать. Например, Utilization of housekeeper...
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    started a topic Converting to use proxy

    Converting to use proxy

    Hi, We have a zabbix server with no proxy and I am trying to add a proxy. After adding an active proxy to the server I tryied to convert some host to send its metrics to the proxy. I just edit the config file in the agent and replaced all server's address for the proxy's. Now the host gets its zabbix's...
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  • Chris82
    started a topic Externer Passiver Zabbix Proxy

    Externer Passiver Zabbix Proxy

    ich möchte mittels eines passiven externen Zabbix Proxy, externe Anschlüsse monitoren.
    Das Problem ist jetzt, dass der Proxy unter dem Zabbix Server unter “seen: never“ steht, der also wohl keine Verbindung zum Proxy hat. Bei der Anfrage des Proxy auf der Host IP Adresse, mittels...
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  • Trying To Install Zabbix Proxy Offline

    Dear Friends,

    I have been trying to find a solution for a problem that I'm currently having; but, at the beginning let us start with explaining what I'm trying to do.

    I have a server at my private Network, in which has no internet connection at all. Therefore, I have downloaded...
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  • horkyze
    started a topic Auto registration vs. Discovery actions

    Auto registration vs. Discovery actions

    I am trying to set up automatic discovery with via proxy. After setting up a Discovery action with following operations:

    Add host
    Add to host groups: some_group
    Add to host groups: Discovered hosts
    Link to templates: awesome_tamplate
    Enable host

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  • lcrash
    started a topic Synchronize host inventory data to proxies

    Synchronize host inventory data to proxies


    I'm trying to get my host inventory data synchronized with my proxies, since I need to execute a script on the proxies which received data from the host_inventory database table. Is this somehow possible?

    Thank you
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  • Zabbix proxy -> server: TLS read set result code to 5

    I have a problem with the connection between the Zabbix proxies and the Zabbix Server. I'm not sure, if it's a bug, maybe you saw something like this previously..

    The setup is the following: 2 Active Proxies connecting to the Server. There's TLS with PSK set up between the proxies...
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  • Zabbix Proxy (active) - "Unable to connect to the server" issue.

    Hi, everyone!

    As the title says I'm having some issues with the communication between my Zabbix Server and Zabbix Proxy.
    I installed and configured the Zabbix Server in one machine with the IP 192.168.15.X and my Zabbix Proxy (with an Agent to monitor the status and such) in another...
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  • Active proxy creates connection every second

    I am setting up a lot of active proxies that are going to be in remote locations. As I was setting up the first proxy I noticed that it is connecting back to the server ever second. I wanted to cut this back, and started looking at configuration variables. I have set all of these variables;
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  • What is the best way to restart a down Windows agent remotely?

    I have several agents that are stopping for no reason we can tell. I can tell they stop responding, of course, due to the agent monitor, but then starting them again requires that I log in and start them manually. Is there any way to have the zabbix server/proxy send a script to start them? I know the...
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  • Zabbix on multi-db backend or proxy to multi-server?

    Hello everyone. My first post here, but I hope I get to participate more when I get to know Zabbix in-depth.

    I had a couple questions regarding Zabbix deployment and capabilities after having a small monitoring lab up and running. I wanted to separate several blocks of host groups. I've...
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