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  • Web Scenario - how many 'results' get logged?

    Using Zabbix 3.4.

    I have a web scenario defined that has these settings:
    Interval = 1m
    Attempts = 2
    1) Timeout = 15s
    2) Timeout = 15s

    When this many 'failures' will it report if both attempts fail? How long is it between...
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  • Web Scenario vs Item for repository availability monitoring


    I have successfully created a web scenario to monitor repository availability (not on our servers) by checking for 200 response and created a trigger for it.

    After playing a bit more with Zabbix I noticed that I can create Item with "HTTP Agent" type that does...
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  • masterzinky
    started a topic web scenarios trigger - false positives

    web scenarios trigger - false positives


    Does anyone perhaps know how to cancel out false positives for web scenario checks.

    Currently my trigger looks as follow:

    {[web scenario name].last(0)}>0

    Is there anyway of setting it after 3 failures it will trigger...
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  • eduardodias
    started a topic Web Scenarios configuration

    Web Scenarios configuration

    Hi Zabbixers,

    I am starting to deal with web scenarios to monitor request from my web application.
    I´ve done progress using Zabbix 3.0, but I am having a probem to configure a HTTPS request that needs to send data in message body.

    Did you have any idea how can I...
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  • Web scenario every 300 sec fail then trigger web scenario for every 30 sec

    I have setup web scenarios to check our sites login page every 300 seconds but every once in a while we seem to get a false positive, I get the email saying the site is not reachable but when I check it it's fine... I don't mind the false positive so much as the fact that it won't check again for another...
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  • umar
    started a topic Trigger retries

    Trigger retries

    HI All,

    I have zabbix 2.2 running on Ubuntu, I have some Web scenarios. And also created triggers against every web scenario.

    Here is one of.


    Now I want to create a trigger that it should 3 attempts...
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